Out the door in 15 minutes!

about us

Our Mission – Authentic Indian – Freshly Prepared within Minutes!

Don’t you hate it when you’re in the feels for Authentic Indian Food, only to be advised of the typical 45-60 minute time estimate on the order? Well…

We’re here to change that!

Our unique Lean-Kitchen approach to Authentic Indian food –  maximises efficiency – which means your Order’s Ready in 15 minutesEvery.Single.Time!

About Us

With over 5-decades of preparing Award-Winning Indian Cuisine and our own blend of hand-picked spices, CurryOn is the legacy of renowned Chef Jagdish Raj with a family business that’s spanned across three generations.

Our Promise to you…

  • Freshly Prepared Authentic Indian Food
  • Ready within 15-minutes
  • No Compromise on Quality

We’re Open Tuesday to Sunday till very late, so whenever you’re craving some amazing Indian Cuisine…

– Keep Calm and CurryOn!